Making Your Own Vanilla Sugar:

As a chef I hate wastage, so I use vanilla pods that I have already used for making something else, for instance used in making a classic crème anglaise (custard). Simply after infusion of the vanilla pod in the cream or milk. Remove the pod and gently wash and pat dry. You can of course if you so wish use a fresh vanilla pod.

Then in a suitable airtight container e.g. a Kilner jar, place some sugar of your choice depending on what you will use the sugar for eventually (either caster or granulated). Approx. 1 kg of sugar to two vanilla pods. If you like a stronger vanilla flavour then you can of course add more to taste. Simply leave in your container for a couple of weeks giving a shake every couple of days and its ready for you to use in your desserts or baking etc, it’s delicious.

Madagascan Vanilla Powder:

This is fantastic stuff! You can use this in many ways, your imagination being your only restriction. As well as using in desserts and baking, why not try it in your hot chocolate or coffee? Sprinkled over yoghurt it great or over your morning cereals tremendous. If you love Vanilla, you’ll love this.

Madagascan Vanilla Extract:

Once you have tried this product, you’ll never dream of using any other its fantastic. I don’t believe that there is anything else in its class. Just give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. Just try it in your desserts or baking and you will be amazed at the wonderful vanilla flavour that extract gives to your food it’s truly delightful.

Oh and one further quick tip, if you love Vanilla Vodka, just add a few drops of our Vanilla extract to your favourite tipple and it’s Vanillaicious.

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