Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla salt being a relatively new idea for being used as a condiment is probably the least known vanilla infused ingredient. Cooks often forget the importance of the role that salt plays in both sweet and savoury dishes, helping to cut the sweetness and enhance the integral flavours of the sweet or savoury dish. Salt is a flavour enhancer, enhancing the flavours that are already there.

What makes vanilla salt so versatile is that it can be used in both savoury and sweet food. A sprinkle of vanilla salt on chocolate chip cookies, brownies or caramels are an example of how to use vanilla salt in sweet goods. A sprinkle of vanilla salt on roasted vegetables or seafood bring out the flavour of the dishes whilst adding just a touch of that wonderful vanilla flavour. Fantastic with white fish and shellfish, especially scallops and when used carefully in salad dressings or creamed vegetables. It can also be used to finish anything chocolaty - ice cream, brownies and shortbread or caramel. Delicious blended with unsalted butter, or sprinkled on sliced pineapple.

If you have never used vanilla sea salt, give it a whirl. Its subtle flavour is absolutely perfect for a variety of sweet and indeed savoury treats such as Sweet and Salty Brownies, Caramels and Chocolate Tarts and on savoury items such as pan seared scallops and fresh lobster. Imagine vanilla flecked salt rimming your favourite margarita!! The possibilities are endless.

Preperation: 10 Mins
Cook Time: 40 Mins
Difficulty: Easy

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I use vanilla pods that I have already used for making something else, for instance used in making a classic crème anglaise (custard). So the next time you are creating in the kitchen, don’t forget to reuse those vanilla pods for your vanilla sugar.

Simply after infusion of the vanilla pod in the cream or milk. Remove the pod and gently wash and pat dry.

It’s quite important to leave your pods to air dry on say some clean kitchen paper for 2 or 3 days so that the pods are quite dried out otherwise when you put them in with your chosen sugar, the sugar will absorb any residual moisture from the pods and your sugar could go quite hard.

You can of course if you so wish use a fresh vanilla pod.

Then in a suitable air tight container say a kilner jar place some sugar of your choice depending on what you will use the sugar for eventually either caster or granulated or you can of course use whichever sugar you will be likely to use.

Approx. two vanilla pods to 1 kg of sugar.

But if you like a stronger vanilla flavor then you can of course add more to taste. (You can of course add as many as you like to attain the best vanilla flavor that suits your taste).

Simply leave in your container for a couple of weeks giving a shake every couple of days and its ready for you to use in your desserts , baking etc. as you will, it’s absolutely delicious and builds the vanilla flavor in whatever you are creating.