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Our Madagascan Premium Vanilla Powder is made by drying the whole vanilla bean, and grinding it into a fine powder. Unlike lesser imitations our vanilla powder is 100% pure and completely sugar free.

We have recently added two further options to our Vanilla Powder offering. A Mixed Origin Vanilla Powder which has a good aroma and taste, but not as good as our Premium Vanilla Powder and an Exhausted Vanilla Powder which is made from the beans which have been previously used in the manufacture of vanilla extract, which are then dried and ground to produce the powder and which offers a very mild vanilla flavour. Both of these options being available in 1kg Vacuum pouch and at a considerably cheaper price than the Premium powder.

Powdered vanilla offers unique properties. While the heat of many dishes will diminish the flavour of the alcohol based liquid vanilla extract, vanilla powder will retain the flavour much better. It also works really well in dishes that won’t benefit from added liquid

Pure ground vanilla beans are more potent than vanilla extract which means that you need to use less (approx. half of stipulated quantity) in recipes.

Recommended uses:

Perfect for baked goods, liquids and cream based dishes, vanilla powder dissolves easily and imparts a wonderfully strong, mellow flavour. It mixes easily with liquids without lumping and can be used to add flavour to cakes, breads, biscuits, frostings and meringues. It also works well for traditional cream based desserts including custards and ice cream.

Recommended usage rate of 3/5gr per Kg of preparation/mixture.

For a quick treat, the Vanillaetc team also love a liberal sprinkling of vanilla powder on fresh fruit, toast and yoghurt, or added to coffee or porridge. Try it yourselves – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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