Vanilla Powder Mixed Origin - 1000gr

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Vanilla Powder Mixed Origin - 1000gr

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Vanilla Powder - Mixed Origin

Ingredients: Ground, Dried Vanilla Pods.
Origin: Mixed Varies
Weight: 1000 grams
Lot No: 1778
BBE: JUL 2023



Vanilla Powder Mixed Origin

We have specifically sourced this mixed origin vanilla powder because of the current high price of single origin Vanilla products and although not as potent as our Premium Powder it represents excellent value for money.

This Vanilla Powder is made from a lower grade of Mixed Origin Vanilla Pods. The Pods are processed through a series of drying and grinding machines and finally sieved to keep a uniform powder consistency and quality.

This product contains approximately 12 Vanilla Pods per 20 grams of powder, none of which is wasted. Available in 1kg Vac Pack Pouch.

Recommended uses: Perfect for baked goods, liquid and cream-based dishes, vanilla powder dissolves easily and this particular powder imparts a mild Vanilla aroma and flavour. It mixes easily with liquids without lumping and can be used to add flavour to cakes, breads, biscuits, frostings and meringues. It also works well for traditional cream-based desserts including custards and ice cream.

A usage rate of 3/5gr per Kg of preparation/mixture is recommended.