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Vanilla extract is one of the most common forms of vanilla used today. It is versatile, easy to use and easy to store. Pure vanilla extract can be made by different methods. One method is by macerating and percolating the vanilla pods in a solution of alcohol and water at a ratio of 35/65% to extract vanillin into the alcohol and water. Vanillin is the main chemical compound found within the pods of the vanilla plant that gives vanilla extract its unique taste and fragrance.

Here at Vanillaetc we sell a Premium grade of Vanilla Extract which uses the latest method of extraction known as SFE or Co2 method which gives a much better flavour profile, and gives an end result which is virtually identical to the original flavour profile of the vanilla pod and also a conventional Vanilla Extract using the macerating method of extraction.

Our Premium Vanilla Extract is produced using the Supercritical Fluid Extraction method (SFE) using high pressure carbon dioxide as a solvent. This produces a highly concentrated, purer vanilla extract that is entirely alcohol free which is 100% natural and contains no antioxidants, no technical adjuncts, is not reinforced, not blended, not formulated and not stabilised. It conforms to the Codex Alimentarius definition of natural flavours and EC-regulation 88/388 for natural extracts. Our Premium Extract comes in two strengths which is equivalent to 200g/liter (2 fold) and 400g/liter (4 fold) the ingredients being invert sugar and 0.2% natural vanillin from concentrated Co2 Vanilla Extract for the 200gr/ltr and invert sugar and 0.4% natural vanillin from concentrated Co2 Vanilla Extract for the 400 gr/ltr extracts. The flavour of our Premium Vanilla Extract is virtually identical to that of the original flavour profile of the vanilla pod.

We also now have made for us 3 variations of Extract using the more conventional method of Extraction to produce a 1 x Fold, 2 x Fold and an Alcohol free Extract using Glycerine instead of the alcohol.

Recommended uses: Our Premium Vanilla Extracts are excellent in all uses whilst baking but particularly good for when you are making buttercream for your cakes as it imparts no colour, just a fantastic Vanilla flavour. Our conventional Extracts being better suited to recipes for baking. As a general rule of thumb, extracts are used in any liquid-based recipes.

The recommended dosage for our 200gr/ltr Vanilla Extract is 10ml in 1ltr of end product and for the 400gr/ltr it is 5ml in 1ltr of end product . These can of course be adjusted to your own taste.

Where the Extracts are available with the addition of seeds, these are there for aesthetic reasons only and do not add any additional flavour.

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