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Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla Extract is one of the most common forms of vanilla used today. It is versatile, easy to use and easy to store. Pure vanilla extract can be made by different methods. One method is by macerating and percolating the vanilla pods in a solution of alcohol and water at a ratio of 35/65% to extract the vanillin into the alcohol and water. Vanillin being the main chemical compound found within the pods of the vanilla plant that gives vanilla extract its unique taste and fragrance.

‘NEW’ Here at Vanilla etc we are now Proud to announce that we are Producing our Vanilla Extracts ‘In House’. We reached this decision in the summer of 2018 when we began setting up our production facility and carrying out trials which have proved to be a winner and we are now producing excellent quality Vanilla Extracts which are far Superior to that which we were having manufactured for us.

We will eventually have available 4 different Extracts, Extract, 1 x Fold, 2 x Fold and Alcohol Free. The Alcohol-Free uses Glycerine instead of Alcohol. These will be introduced as and when they become available when our existing stock runs out and will be shown as ‘NEW’ in the product descriptions.

Recommended uses: As a general rule of thumb, extracts are used in any liquid-based recipes.


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