In short, the answer is no. Vanilla powder is made from ground vanilla beans. A really good quality vanilla powder won’t contain anything other than 100% ground vanilla beans. There are different strengths of powder depending on the Grade of the bean used but typically will provide a more intense flavour when compared to vanilla extract and can be used in different applications.
Perfect for baked goods, liquid and also cream-based dishes. Vanilla powder mixes easily without lumping and imparts a wonderfully strong Vanilla flavour. You could try sprinkling some on Fresh fruit with yoghurt or mixing it in with your morning porridge and coffee. Because vanilla powder is so versatile, it’s perfect when used in your cooking and a small quantity is enough to add a wonderful fragrance and taste without the need for infusion.
Absolutely, yes. It is made using 100% pure ground vanilla beans. Unlike lesser imitations, our vanilla powder contains no additives, carriers or alcohol and is completely sugar free. It is dark brown in colour and smells amazing.
Vanilla powder can be used as a natural sweetener and as it contains no sugar it certainly makes for a better alternative in that respect. Vanilla has been used in holistic medicine for centuries in its native lands. Some say it is good for your heart and could reduce cholesterol, or that it can be used to treat acne, improve hair growth, manage weight, soothe anxiety, speed healing, reduce inflammation and many more. We cannot however verify the accuracy of these claims and advise you to research the matter further should you wish to find out more.