In 2018, we reached the decision to produce our own Extracts & Paste with the hope of being able to manufacture a better product. We are now producing excellent quality Vanilla Extracts and Paste, far superior to that which we were having manufactured for us.

Our Great Taste Award-winning Madagascan Vanilla Bean Paste is made using our 1 Fold Madagascan Vanilla Extract, combined with a natural thickener to change the consistency. Perfect for recipes like crème Brulée and Ice Cream where the appearance of the little specs of Vanilla seeds is really important. Available sizes: 1kg Bottle / 500g Jar / 100g Jar

Comparison to Vanilla Extract

Thicker in consistency and includes specks of Exhausted Vanilla Bean Seeds. Gives you the convenience of including vanilla seeds without the effort of scraping them out of the pod.

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