We manufacture 4 different types of Madagascan Vanilla extract:

Madagascan ½ Fold  / Madagascan 1 Fold / Madagascan 2 Fold Madagascan Alcohol Free

All of our Vanilla Extracts are made using Madagascan Bourbon vanilla beans which are cultivated on the Island of Madagascar. We are proudly producing our own Extracts ‘In House ‘in our factory here in the UK that are excellent quality and are far superior to that which we were previously outsourcing.

A versatile product suitable for use in recipes for baked goods, Ice-Cream, Cakes, cookies, pastries, Crème brûlée, Beer, Cocktails and many more.

The word Fold identifies the quantity of Vanilla Beans used in the production of the Extract. The higher the Fold the stronger the Extract.

Our standard extract uses alcohol as the solvent to extract the flavour from our Vanilla beans and our alcohol-free extract uses rapeseed glycerine (which is completely palm-free and vegan-friendly).

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