'NEW' Indonesian Vanilla Pods

At Vanilla etc we do our best to source the best of vanilla from wherever its origin. A 'New' Origin for us. We have been for sometime due to the current high cost of Madagascan Vanilla Beans been searching for a reliable supplier of Planifolia Variety Vanilla Beans from the Indonesian region and we are pleased to say that we have now done so. These Indonesian Vanilla Beans are Grade 'A'  & 'B' Planifolia which is the same variety that is grown in Madagascar and are of excellent quality giving that familiar fragrance associated with Planifolia Vanilla Beans

When stored correctly will easily stay in top condition for 2 years, but we recommend buying only the pods that you will use within a year. The most important things about storage is that your beans are stored in an airtight container, stored away from other spices in the dark and dry conditions and in an ideal temperature of between 15-20C.